Camping Trip at Disney!

My family and I recently went camping at Disney World’s Fort Wilderness Campground. What a fun time! Our first night was peaceful. Sticky, yet peaceful. When we returned to our campsite that evening, we found the bags of plates, utensils and miscellaneous items that I had carelessly left out scattered across the ground. No damage done, so I reminded myself to keep everything locked tight in the car.

I forgot the peanut butter.

We brought our jar from home, which was probably an open invitation to animals that dinner was served. After a somewhat restful night’s sleep, I was puttering around the campsite when I noticed the jar of peanut butter lying under the picnic table. The opened jar of peanut butter. Something had enjoyed a nutty snack! The lid was nowhere to be found and I was surprised to find any peanut butter left. Oh well. We had more important, not to mention fun, things to do that day!

So off we went to enjoy an early lunch at Belle and Beast’s Castle in the Magic Kingdom. The food was delicious, of course, and the ambience perfect. We were able to secure a table in Beast’s west wing, which was like being in the movie down to the rose under the glass. There were torn curtains and tapestries, along with beautiful woodwork and moldings. The ballroom looked exactly like the movie too, just with tables ready for guests. My husband even got to “try the grey stuff”, which was a sweet light icing on his cupcake.

Later in the day, after taking a dip in the swimmin’ hole at the campgrounds, we went to Epcot to enjoy the Flower & Garden Festival.

Beautiful flower display.
Beautiful flower display.
Lovely butterfly topiary.
Lovely butterfly topiary.
Beautiful butterfly chrysalis'.
Fascinating butterfly chrysalises.

Which was awesome! If you like gardening at all you would enjoy the spectacular displays of topiary, incorporation of vegetables in flower gardens, shopping, food and classes. And flowers and more flowers! I especially enjoyed the butterfly aviary, where chrysalises were displayed and you could observe butterflies in various stages, from unhatched to still unfurling their wings to flitting from a person’s finger to the nearest flower.

We ended our wonderful day with a dessert party while enjoying the fabulous fireworks display. We took our time heading out, snapping a few pictures here and there, sitting on a bench here and there. As we headed out the exit we saw pouring rain just beyond the covering that the monorail provides. Within a dozen steps we were soaked and one thought was uppermost in my mind – what about our tents?

Yep, you guessed it! Everything was completely wet – clothes, bedding, anything not in the car. It was 10:30 pm. After the initial shock, we drove over to the bathrooms where we cleaned up for the night and tried to prepare for sleeping in the car. Unbeknownst to me, while I was brushing my teeth my wonderful husband was calling the front desk and asking for their help.

Well, Disney has always taken care of us in the past and this time was no exception. They not only put us in a cabin for the night, but didn’t charge us for it! Oh to be dry! It was such a comfort and reminded me of why we hardly ever camp. I have always enjoyed Fort Wilderness’s cabins, especially since I spent my honeymoon in one 21 years ago.

So in the morning we got our campsite switched to the cabin and found out that Disney had refunded us our entire camping fees, even the first night’s stay! We were so grateful and it was great to come back to dry beds every night. It rained two out of the four nights we were there.

We threw everything in dryers while we fixed breakfast. After retrieving our laundry we drove over to Hollywood Studios where we convinced my nine year old to finally ride Rockin‘ Roller Coaster. We told her that if she could ride Space Mountain and Tower of Terror, then this one would delight her even more. As soon as we were off the ride she announced that it was now her second favorite, after Space Mountain. Yay! Now I wouldn’t have to sit out anymore! Before leaving that night, we stopped in the sweets shop and purchased a few yummies ~ caramel apples, chocolates, smoothies.

Yummy caramel apples!
Yummy caramel apples!

By the time we made it back to our cabin it was raining, again. Hurray for our cabin and Daddy taking care of us!

The next morning we ate a hearty breakfast at Crocket’s Tavern in the Campgrounds before heading over to the Magic Kingdom. We took our time, enjoying the sights, sounds and smells of our favorite park, knowing it was our last full day until next time. I even packed our Disney ponchos in case of rain, but, as usual, when you’re ready for rain, it doesn’t. Oh well…

After packing everything up the following morning, wet tent and all, we headed over to Epcot where we spent some time in Innovations (air conditioning) checking out the latest in science and technology. We ended our memorable vacation by eating lunch in the Mexico pavilion, which our kids had never eaten in before. I love how inside it appears twilight in a courtyard near a busy market square. The food was authentic and very delicious, no tex-mex there.

Soon after, we were heading back home, with most of us falling asleep pretty quickly. I’m sure this is one trip we won’t soon forget, however it will be remembered fondly because of my husband’s and Disney’s quick, caring actions. I look forward to the next one! 

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