The Man Who Would be King

Another evil sociopath.

Botkin Creative

Readers of my blog have been asking for a recap of the recent Doug Wilson controversies. I’ve written one below, with new and highly relevant information included towards the end. I’ve also included a number of footnotes for those interested in checking out some (non-anonymous) sources.  

Silencing dissent for “peace and purity”

By Katie Botkin, with St. Tara (special thanks to anonymous research assistants)

Moscow, Idaho’s Doug Wilson has spent much of his pastoral career sparking controversy and feeding off the backlash. In a recent documentary put out by congregant Darren Doane of Razzie infamy and also featuring Ted Cruz,[1] Wilson gets the dubious honor of being labeled “the most hated preacher” in America.[2]

Wilson is perhaps best known — or least liked — for co-writing Southern Slavery As it Was, a partially-plagiarized pamphlet stating that southern slavery was a mutually beneficial arrangement for both of the races in question.

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