Death is For the Living

death quote2Death is for the living. Our loved ones have already moved on to their true state.  With the recent deaths of two family members, I’ve been contemplating and reflecting on this final earthly step. 

For some, they wonder, or fear, where their loved one went. Did it hurt? Are they safe, happy? Will we meet again?

For others, they have an assurance, a confidence that their loved one is with God and all who believe in Him. They picture streets of gold, people singing joyfully, life in a fabulous mansion.

Some believe you have to earn a place in the Great Beyond, or that you earn a place in the opposite, Hell. A person’s religion or beliefs play an enormous role in their stance on the afterlife – whether it exists or not, how to get there, how not to get there, what it’s like, who can get in or not, and on and on. My observation is that religion, not love, has taught us what death and the afterlife is, according to itself.

death quote3

I felt relief that I was able to say final words and farewells to both my loved ones. But as I thought on it, those words weren’t for their benefit. They were for mine. My Dad and Grandmother knew my heart wholly as soon as their spirit detached from their earthly anchor. I believe that all is made clear once we take that mortal step into immortality. I believe All people do this, because of Jesus’s sacrifice, which redeemed ALL. My words to them and their responses to me gave me a sense of relief, accomplishment, and no regrets. Our words were for me and my memory, the living. They live on in me while I’m here, and then, when I move on to be with them again, are made complete. I was comforted to think that even if I hadn’t been able to speak with either of them, they know me, who I am, and what’s in my heart.

Yes, I miss being able to talk with them, sit with them, laugh with them in person, here, and have their influence in my life. But I still talk to them and expect them to talk back – through dreams, nature and others around me. I do my best to consciously look for their continued influence in my life. To me, just because they aren’t physically here doesn’t mean they aren’t here at all.

death quote1

No matter what your thoughts, or beliefs, are on death and afterlife, we are all one in that it’s inevitable. I don’t think it’s to be feared, nor longed for. (I’m not referencing people who’s lives are hellish.) I also think religion’s teachings should be ignored. Deep down what is your heart telling you? Mine tells me that Love won out over Death.

Do we live to die, or die to live?

While here on Earth, I think we should live as though tomorrow is our last day, everyone around us and across the globe is ourself, and let out the love inside each of us. Yes, we live and then die, but we also die to then live.

Your choice is how you’re going to do it.

new day pic

We’ve been given a beautiful place to live, animals to enjoy, creative people to help us create wondrous things, a secure immortal afterlife, and an all encompassing, all consuming love to fulfill our human experience. We really shouldn’t squander it!

Since death will come, just as surely as the sun will rise tomorrow, then shouldn’t we take pride in loving those near and far, and pursuing our heart’s callings?

How will you live to die?


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