Beauty & the Beast and Jesus



Did you watch Disney’s animated “Beauty & The Beast” 1991 film as a child, or perhaps as an adult with, or without, children? Were you swept away, as I was (and am every time I watch it!), into the magical romance of Belle and the Beast? 

I didn’t get to watch it until after I married and had our first child, and even then she was around 2 or 3 years old. So roughly 1999 or 2000 was when I saw it for the first time. It has always touched me more than any other princess story that Disney has made to this date. Even more than Frozen or Moana. And I love me some Disney! 

The story of redemption is so beautifully told in Beauty & the Beast. The ugly, selfish soul who cares naught for anyone but itself, has everything of value taken away, condemned to live in a miserable state without a choice in the matter. Along comes a light into this misery, a soul who looks beyond the exterior into the heart. Despite their own freedom taken away, this giving, loving soul reaches out to the lost one, slowly showing the way out of that hell hole. At the end, loving self sacrifice redeems all, bringing life back into what was dead. So beautiful how it tells the story of Jesus redeeming all mankind! 

I was disappointed in a section of the Christian community when it condemned the movie as sinful, homosexual and unfit for any “right” thinking Christian. How very bullying of them, to be sure! I guess the “leaders” think that people can’t be discerning for themselves. That folks can’t hear from God themselves, and/or can’t be trusted to do what the leaders want them to do.  It’s disappointing when people you know, like, and respect decide to not think for themselves, experience for themselves, or make decisions based on facts and personal experience, but instead decide to swallow wholesale what the crowd, led by those in power and “authority”, decide everyone else aught to do and think. 

Don’t be like the mainstream! Think for yourself, experience for yourself and decide for yourself! Whatever subject it is, you won’t be disappointed because you have the light of love inside you as your guide.  

And go see Disney’s live-action retelling of their original, “Beauty & the Beast”! It’s spectacular!