Welcome to my new, and first, blog!

Who am I?

That’s a pretty loaded question, but I mean it more in a let’s get to know each other way. I’ve been keeping a private journal since I was around eleven or so, back when computers were huge cumbersome mysterious things that the adults used. So I’ve always written on paper. Privately. I’m a little nervous about posting my thoughts out in the wide world for anyone to read, but am willing to brave it with the hope that even just one thing I say might be helpful or useful to you. I have a wonderful devoted husband of twenty-one years, who takes fabulous care of me and our four fantastic kids.  He diligently works so I can stay home with our kids, home educating them and providing a nourishing atmosphere for them to explore who God made them to be. He has also been encouraging me for awhile to try my hand at blogging, so here I am.

My intention is to share my thoughts and findings on various topics. Like relationships, raising kids, personal growth, religion, books I enjoy, money, maybe even some political views. I will strive to be thoughtful, considerate and encouraging in my writings, since we all need that. I’m sure there will be times when you disagree with me – expect to! – but maybe what I say will cause you to ask questions, think or research for yourself, and expand your point of view. I believe that we all have the Divine in us, that we’re perfect beings, here to enjoy what life/God has to offer. There is no angry god, only love through grace and peace given freely because of God’s sacrifice for all. See, you may already be disagreeing with me! That’s okay! Hopefully you’ll keep checking back here and reading my crazy writings. 🙂

Thanks for your time so far! On my end of it, it’s taken me roughly an hour to just write this, what with three of my kids intermittently sitting down beside me to show me something on Pinterest or talk about what’s on their mind. Life! It’s a journey made of moments, right?!