How I Survived Homeschooling in Bill Gothard’s Program

With much encouragement from my husband I’m sharing my experiences with Bill Gothard and the ugly influence of Gothard’s Institute for Basic Life Principles (IBLP) and Advanced Training Institute (ATI – his homeschool program) teachings on my life. After reading many of the experiences of others I felt that my story would just be redundant, since we all seem to share similarities. My husband assures me that what I learned and how I dealt with Gothard would help someone –  and so I hope.

The beginnings of what I think of as my personal “Dark Ages” started in my 13th year (Aug. 1988), a year after being pulled out of public school to home educate. There’s nothing like being told the day 7th grade started, and after taking all the trouble to get ready that morning – clothes on, check; hair done, check; makeup, check; pep talk, check – to “never mind going to school, you’ll be doing that at home from now on.” With my foot out the door and my bag over my shoulder, I thought it was a joke. When I realized they were serious and asked why, I was told that I was “out of control and rebellious, so to bring you into line you’re being taught at home.” That inspires cooperation! Continue reading

How the Fundamentalist and Patriarchal Teachings Can Create Abusive Atmospheres: Part 3

So, what do Patriarchal teachings consist of, beyond what I’ve already discussed? I think this excerpt from Wikipedia lists it succinctly for us.

*God reveals Himself as masculine, not feminine.

*God ordained distinct gender roles for man and woman as part of the created order.

*A husband and father is the head of his household, a family leader, provider, and protector. Continue reading

What is the Gospel of Peace & Grace? ~ Part 3

Whew! What a busy couple of weeks! I think I have a light week ahead of me, which I’m greatly looking forward to. 🙂  This morning I went in for Jury summons, but asked to be excused until summer since I homeschool my four kids, which includes a nine year old. I really wanted to be there and serve but can’t take off from teaching right now. I’m happy to say that I was excused.

So, Righteousness…Can God carry out something on someone’s life without their agreement or participation? In Romans 5 Paul tells us because of one man’s (Adam) sin God imputed (brought against us with no reason) sin to every man. Even if you didn’t do what Adam did. One man affected the whole of mankind. Paul gives us a comparison of Jesus, the Last Adam, with the first man, the First Adam. By one man’s sin all were made sinners, and by one man’s obedience all have been made righteous. Continue reading

What is the Gospel of Peace & Grace? ~ part 2

So I’m back after a busy week of kids, school and life! Here where I live Spring has sprung. The yellow pollen from the pine trees is beginning to coat everything and my scratchy, itchy throat and eyes tell me that everything else has also begun it’s new season. Aside from the allergy issue I love spring! There is much joy in seeing your hard work in the garden and landscapes bloom and thrive. The changing seasons which come year after year are such a testament to the constancy of God! Continue reading

What is the Gospel of Peace & Grace?

I’d like to take some time and share what I believe the Gospel of Peace & Grace is. What did Jesus really do at the cross? Did He accomplish what He said He was going to do? If “It is Finished”, as in done, over, is God still angry at us? If God isn’t angry at us, does that mean there is no law anymore? If there is no law, then there shouldn’t be any sin, right? Continue reading