A Letter to My Parents – Why I’m the Way I Am

Warning: this is a long, extremely personal letter, so get a drink and get comfortable. Also, the next post will give background on why I sent this letter to my parents now.


Mom and Papa,                                                                                          7-15-2016

I’m writing you so that there will be less chance of miscommunication between us.  And, let’s face it, if, or when, we meet in person there is the possibility of emotions getting in the way of actual talking.

You are saying that I’ve been unwilling to come and talk with you. It is true that over the past several years I have had no desire to talk about anything with you. Your standard reply, from about the time I was 11 or so, has been that you don’t know what I’m talking about, I have caused the trouble since I didn’t come to you first (even if you were the cause), I should “check my heart for sin”, and/or I’m confused, wrong, a liar. This is confusing behavior, since you taught me that when someone “has anything against you”, you must listen to them, sincerely apologize, think through what they said and make a change in behavior according to what was done wrongly. I have never observed this happen between us from either of you to me. I distinctly recall me apologizing repeatedly to you both after I brought my grievances to you, which isn’t right, since one doesn’t apologize for what others do or say to one.  Continue reading

10 Surprising Revelations in the Lawsuit Against Bill Gothard and IBLP

This article sums up the lawsuit. I really hope justice is served for myself and all the over 30 of us who were harassed, molested, abused by this “ministry” and Gothard particularly. Libby Anne said it well here: “This isn’t simply about one more Christian organization beset with sexual scandal, it’s about power structures and beliefs that create a situation where numerous people let significant warning signs go by, either unrecognized or ignored, but unaddressed either way.”


I want to throw into stark relief the extreme predatory nature of Gothard’s actions.

Source: 10 Surprising Revelations in the Lawsuit Against Bill Gothard and IBLP

A life changing decision

“What single decision changed your life?” I read this question in the “Real Simple” magazine and I thought I would post my answer here.  I would love to hear what single decision changed your life! Let me know if you post something like this on your site please. 🙂

What single decision changed your life?

Wow! There are so many decisions to choose from, it’s hard to pick just one! However, I can trace the many decisions back to one in my teen years, which changed my life’s path for the better. Continue reading

What is the Gospel of Peace & Grace?

I’d like to take some time and share what I believe the Gospel of Peace & Grace is. What did Jesus really do at the cross? Did He accomplish what He said He was going to do? If “It is Finished”, as in done, over, is God still angry at us? If God isn’t angry at us, does that mean there is no law anymore? If there is no law, then there shouldn’t be any sin, right? Continue reading

A 16-Step Religious Guide To Sabotaging Your Life ~ by Jim Palmer

I read this tonight on FaceBook and thought I would repost it, since I like the way Jim Palmer succinctly stated how religion screws up people’s lives. I can relate to every one of these, but am glad that I don’t live under any of them any more, thanks to God’s grace and peace to All mankind.

Enjoy!  Alexa

A 16-Step Religious Guide To Sabotaging Your Life:

1. Begin with the premise that there is something hopelessly and incurably wrong with you.
2. Believe that your humanity is your problem, an obstacle to overcome, and an evil to repress or eradicate.
3. Pin your hopes on the afterlife, and don’t get too attached to the herelife. Continue reading