The Pain of Artificial Sweeteners

Recently my husband and I read the “Bullet Proof Diet” by Dave Asprey. I was inspired to cut all artificial sweeteners out of my diet, as well as switch to grass fed butter. Boy, did my body, especially my back, thank me!


For many years (around 17) I have mostly eaten protein, veggies, and only certain carbohydrates. I have done my best to buy organic food when possible, which had the added benefit of no hormones, keeping my children from physically developing too early. Over the past 4-5 years several symptoms started alerting me that all was not right in my gastrointestinal tract. I was experiencing bloating, cramps, reflux/heartburn, extremes in bowel movements; just a lot of daily stomach discomfort. After years of mostly doing the Atkins diet (protein, fats, veggies, low complex carbohydrates, no simple carbohydrates), I was confused about what was going on in my stomach. Continue reading