Reflections on Life & Death

Popo - age 18?

This past week my mom’s mother passed away. No one else is allowed to die!! Two loved ones in a 2 1/2 week time is too much death. 

The Saturday night before she passed, as I lay in bed trying to fall asleep, I began to remember how much time I spent with her and my grandfather in my early elementary ages. I went to her house after school almost every day, visited her several times for weeks at a time in other years, and lived with them for two months when I was 14. She also was my inspiration to be become an Esthetician. I remember being about 6 or 7, reaching up to gently touch her face, and asking her how she kept her skin so beautiful. She had the softest, most beautiful skin of anyone I’ve ever met – even on her deathbed! She told me that she had been taking care of her skin since she was a young girl, about 12 years old. She used Pond’s Cream religiously.  Continue reading


IMG_3930How do you put into words how much a person means to you; how much they have touched your heart and life? Words don’t seem adequate enough when this special someone leaves a hole in your heart that only they could fill. 

My dad, my father-in-law, took me into his heart and family when his son married me 24 years ago. I wish I knew then what I know now – this honorable, generous, loving, funny, sarcastic, stubborn, mostly right, practical joker would be my dad in more than name. He brightened our times together with his quiet, dry humor, which challenged my too-serious perspective. The joy and laughter that I so love in his son started with him, and continues today through his grandchildren, my children, which I get to enjoy every day. 

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Wedding Antics & Personal Victory

happy-dayMy cousin was recently married and my family and I had the pleasure of helping them celebrate. It was a very sweet, lovely wedding filled with family I hadn’t seen in awhile, his family whom I have never met before, and a parcel of their friends. I’m truly happy for my cousin, since she has been waiting diligently for this man to be in her life. They seemed to complement each other, and have a lot going for them – I wish them well! Continue reading


I am now a Grandmother!! Wow!


My oldest daughter gave birth to her first child, our first grandbaby, in the first week of April. I was so blessed to be there with her as our sweet Scarlett joined us that week. How amazing it is to witness live birth, as that precious little life takes their first breath and seeks out their mother. I was awed by the experience, as it was not me giving birth and I could only watch and give verbal support to my daughter.

I now know how my husband must have felt those past four times I gave birth to our children! Amazed, humbled, scared, excited, proud, in love. 🙂

Isn’t it amazing how we humans have this amazing capacity to love, love deeply, and expand our love to include others, either in our immediate circle or outside of it? When we put aside our ego, love is able to shine, reaching into every corner of everyone’s heart whom we shine on.

Anyhow, I am so proud of my daughter’s spirit, wisdom, strength, and persistence as she stepped into this new chapter in her life – motherhood. She was amazingly strong in mind and body throughout her 24-hour labor, and I’m thrilled with how she has stepped up to the plate of responsibility – way more smoothly than I did! Her husband has also made us proud to call him son. He takes very good care of them both and it’s a joy to watch him with his daughter!

I am so excited to be this little one’s Glamma!



Thankful 2016


What a great year 2016 was for me and my family! 

It started off with a bang when we had over 75 people attend our daughter’s engagement party at the first of the year. I didn’t know our home could hold that many people! We felt very honored that so many of our friends came to celebrate with us. The celebrations continued over the next couple of months leading up to their wedding in April. 

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